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If you are looking for a perfect set of graduation sashes in Australia, or if you’re looking for more custom-made graduation sashes, then congratulations because you have found the company you need: Graduations Now!
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Are looking for the perfect sash for your graduation?

We are a very prestigious company and take great pride in servicing our customers to the best of our ability so that graduation ceremonies become the source of cherished, lifelong memories for parents, teachers, students, and their families. We have been helping soon-to-be graduates find the perfect custom graduation sash for over a decade and are proud to offer a wide range of colours and styles that available to order anywhere in Australia!

The Graduation Sashes Australia Can’t Get Enough Of

We have a wide variety of Australian graduation sashes to cater for a wide variety of needs and preferences. Many of our sashes are available in a range of effective colours, and they are ideally suited to highlight and add colour to what is likely to be one of the most memorable and momentous occasions in your life.

A graduation sash is a stylish, elegant and generally perfect accessory to add to your overall graduation attire, and you can obviously select the perfect colour to complement your gown, hat and tassel. We have an extensive range of colours available and if you are a university or educational organisation looking to buy in bulk, you can rest assured that our products can be used year after year whilst remaining fresh and vibrant for each graduation celebration.

We also offer custom colours, if requested, subject to availability and quality. Although, please note that we do have a minimum order for custom printed sashes of 25 units per custom print run

As all of our products are produced in accordance with our high standards, delivery for custom colours might take two to eight weeks following the receipt of the order. Therefore, we urge all of our customers to order as early as possible, though we commit to working hard to ensure that you receive your order as soon as physically possible.

We would also recommend requesting a sample of our sashes so that you can see for yourself the exquisite quality of our merchandise!

Me make custom graduation sashes

Simply because we have been making, manufacturing and distributing an extensive range of graduation attire and accessories for over a decade. Throughout that time, we have always worked hard to ensure that our products are sold at a reasonable and affordable price, whilst maintaining the high quality demanded by our high expectations of our own merchandise.

We’ve been supplying schools, students, teachers and a whole host of other establishments with products that have helped them to celebrate graduations with a hefty sense of pride and we are immensely proud to have played a part in making memories that last a lifetime!

We want to keep being a part of graduation ceremonies because we know that our products and our services are out of this world. Please, don’t take our word for it, get in touch with us now, and one of our experts will start working with you to make your graduation the best it can be!

Graduations Now takes pride in being an Australian-owned & Australian-operated company that helps students, and their families, celebrate their hard work and accomplishments. That’s why we offer high-quality college graduation caps and gowns, graduation hats, graduation robes in Australia and much more. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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