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Central to your attire on graduation day, regardless of the course, school or university you are graduating from, is the famous graduation gown. Originating in England many centuries ago, graduation gowns are worn in graduation ceremonies worldwide today. However, there’s one key thing you have likely noticed – the colour of the gowns worn can vary significantly!

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Your Guide To Graduation Gown Colours Australia Wide

From kindergarten to high school to Bachelors to postgraduate graduations, and everything in between, it can be quite common to observe different styles and colours worn at each, depending on the region. If you’re wondering what colour gown for graduation you should wear, don’t despair. Here at Graduations Now, we’ve put together a quick list of all the graduation gown colours meanings Australia wide to help you choose the right gown for your big event/

Graduation Gown Colours – What They Mean

Graduation gown colours will typically vary from school to school, university to university and even department to department. Black graduation gowns have no official meaning and so are typically adopted by many schools and universities with the sash or hood worn instead used to differentiate graduates based on the level of qualification and their area of study.

It will really come down to the policy of the specific graduating school our university as to whether graduates must wear a full-colour gown or a black gown with coloured sash. Typically where kindergartens and high schools require coloured graduation gowns, they usually specify that graduates wear a gown which is in line with one of the school’s associated or traditional colours.

When it comes to undergraduate or postgraduate courses, the fields of study/departments typically follow a specific colour scheme – although as mentioned, this varies across Australia:

  • Law – Purple
  • Medicine/Veterinary – Green/Maroon
  • Agriculture – Maize
  • Nursing, Sciences, Education – Green (varying shades)
  • Arts – Purple
  • Engineering – Yellow
  • Business – Blue

If unsure about which colour gown to wear, contact your faculty to enquire. Alternatively, feel free to reach out to the team here at Graduations Now. If you tell us your college or university and field of graduation, we may be able to advise what gowns are typically worn.

Shop A Wide selection of graduation gown colours with Graduations Now

No matter what academic milestone you are set to graduate with, we can supply the perfect graduation gown for the big event. We supply graduation gowns for every grad event from kindergarten through to doctorate grads and everything in between.

We supply graduation gowns in a wide range of colours, including black, blue, navy, red and much more, with matte and high lustre styles available. We also cater for custom orders, with the ability to design and supply a gown in whatever colour or colour combination you require. All you need to do is contact us with your requirements.

Remember, with Graduations Now, there is no minimum order quantity. So whether you are buying a graduation gown for yourself or for an entire class, school or university, we can cater to your needs. Shopping for graduation gowns and supplies is easy with Graduations Now, your one-stop shop for all things graduation!

Graduations Now takes pride in being an Australian-owned & Australian-operated company that helps students, and their families, celebrate their hard work and accomplishments. That’s why we offer high-quality graduation gowns, graduation regalia, high school graduation gowns and much more. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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