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We recognize and acknowledge the huge achievement these students have strived for. Our products give your students a sense of pride while creating memories that last a lifetime for them and for their families.
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What’s a Graduation Without a Graduation Gown?

Every single academic milestone that we hit deserves to be celebrated. It’s a significant personal achievement and one that friends and family will undoubtedly want to honour you for too. Graduating from any educational institution with any training or academic qualification takes dedication, determination and hard work. That’s why most educational institutions tend to host graduation ceremonies for their students to allow them to back in the glory of their achievement.

We all long for that graduation moment, where we don hat and gown, to collect our parchment, watched on adoringly by our nearest and dearest. The tradition of graduation hat and gown goes back to 12th century Europe when the first universities were founded, and it’s a set of attire that signifies “achievement”. Your graduation is a picture-perfect moment that will undoubtedly sit above the mantelpiece in the family home for many years to come.

If you have an upcoming graduation ceremony, Graduations Now have the perfect gowns and garments to ensure you can look the part for epic milestone moment.

Explore The Best Range of Graduation Gowns Australia Wide

Whether your little one is celebrating their completion of kindergarten, you’ve made it through a tough training course, or you’re set to walk away with Masters Honours, we’ve got the perfect Australian graduation gown to help you celebrate that milestone.

Preschool Graduation Gowns

The first educational milestone of a child’s academic journey is their preschool graduation. How cute do little ones look when they don their hat and gown for the first time? Here at Graduations Now, we provide high-quality matt and lustre gowns in a vast range of different colours. With no minimum order number, you can purchase one for your children or order in bulk for the kids at your school to hire or wear on the day.

High School Graduation Gowns

The key academic milestone for teenagers in Australia and New Zealand, a graduation gown is a must when finally graduating from their high school journey. We offer lots of different affordable options when it comes to high school grad gowns, including high lustre, zip front matt, full-length cotton and open front gowns, with sizes running from X-Small to XXX-Large to ensure every school teen is catered for.

Training Graduation Gowns

If you’re responsible for buying or hiring gowns for training, further learning, evening and part-time courses, you can access a great range of graduation gown options online at Graduations Now. No minimum orders apply although we do offer great bulk order pricing!

Bachelor Graduation Gowns

Collect your Bachelor’s Degree in an Australia and New Zealand standard graduation gown, available in all black or all blue traditional Bachelor’s robe colours. You can even purchase the famous Mortarboard hats alongside your gown with a tassel in a colour of your choosing to match the field or type of your degree.

Masters Graduation Gowns

The classic academic Australia and New Zealand standard Masters graduation gown is also available to purchase online from Graduations Now. The 100% matt black gown comes with the reinforced Masters shoulder yolk and open front to ensure you truly look the part when commemorating your Masters moment.

Doctorate Gowns

An academic milestone of the highest order warrants an equally high-quality graduation gown. Here at Graduations Now, you can purchase a traditional, high quality, heavy matt Australia and New Zealand style Doctorate gown, complete with rich velvet trim around the front and sleeve, darted and reinforced shoulder and fluting detail around the shoulder and back.

Buy Graduation Gown Garments Online with Graduations Now

Graduations Now offers the easy, fast and affordable way to buy a graduation gown made of high-quality materials. Experience a true graduation moment by donning a proper grad gown and hat when collecting your parchment – a moment you will cherish forever!

Graduations Now takes pride in being an Australian-owned & Australian-operated company that helps students, and their families, celebrate their hard work and accomplishments. That’s why we offer high-quality graduation regalia, high school graduation gowns, high school graduation hats and much more. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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