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Diploma Certificate Graduation Scroll Tubes

$7.50 $5.00

*Size 39cm long and 5cm diameter.
*100PT Chipboard inside
*Easy slide off butt-Joint telescopic lid.
*Cylindrical Tube Style

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Graduation is an important milestone in a student’s life, and the ultimate
reward for their accomplishment is the diploma/certificate.

Our Graduation tubes have quickly become the preferred way for many
Schools to present diplomas. They are cost-effective, safe for mailing, and
preserve documents for long-term storage. The durable design and finish
allow diplomas to be safely mailed, stored and protected from little hands on
the way home without damage. Thus Preserving the diploma for years to

Our Graduation certificate/diploma tubes are available in 5 colours,
and custom colours can be requested. The butt-joint telescopic
design allows for easy use without damaging the certificate when
inserting or removing the document.
Our standard certificate tubes- available in Red, Black, Navy blue and Blue Length as follows –
Black and Red 37cm long and 5cm diameter. Navy 35cm long, Blue 26cm long and  gold (textured) 28cm

Yellow tubes have a slight textured pattern
and are a slightly shorter tube, ideal for pre school measuring 28cm long with a 5cm diameter. Making it ideal for preschool treasures and graduations Certificates and diplomas.

The graduation certificate tubes come in from 5 different colours, and are available in stock in our Melbourne warehouse.:

• Bright red