Is your graduation day approaching? Whatever level of education you are graduation from, the standard attire applies. The classic graduation attire is something which is synonymous worldwide – the long graduation gown and the graduation mortarboard hat being staple items. Sashes, stoles, tassels and accessories then complete the look.

To ensure you look the part on graduation day, dressing in the staple items – the graduation gown and mortarboard hat – is the minimum requirement. Some may consider the mortarboard hat as “optional”. However, it is a critical element of looking your best and aligning with the attire of your classmates on grad day – and for those forever lasting graduation day photographs.

In terms of your gown, you may choose to rent or buy one from your school, college or university or purchase online or from a local store. However, the hat tends to often not be part of the deal and something you will therefore need to acquire separately.

Rest assured, you can easily purchase the missing piece of the puzzle online from reputable suppliers – and often for much cheaper prices than you would pay to rent or purchase from your school or from a local supplier. Whatever graduation hat you need, you can purchase it online from stores like Graduations Now – that means every type of hat including:

Preschool graduation mortarboard hats

As little ones graduate from preschool, their first educational milestone, they get their first opportunity wear the graduation attire and experience the proud moment of accepting their graduation certificate. Even at their tender age, they deserve to look the part on their big day. Special expandable elastic fit mortarboard hats are available to purchase online alongside coloured grad gowns to make your child’s preschool graduation even more special – and the photographs even cuter!

Adult graduation hats

For graduations from high school, night courses, technical qualifications, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and even PHDs, there are lots of different coloured adult graduation hats available to purchase online, which are expandable to comfortably fit most head sizes.

Whereas once upon a time, you might find it hard to purchase anything other than a plain black matt mortarboard hat with limited sizing, nowadays you are truly spoilt for choice in terms of options when it comes to the availability of finishes, colours and sizes online. In fact, adult mortarboard graduation hats can pretty much be customised to meet any of your needs.

Graduation velvet tam hats

Mortarboard hats are the only type of hats worn at graduations. For high level educational qualifications, graduation tam hats are also a very popular option. The precise meaning may vary in certain regions or educational institutions but generally, a 4 sided graduation tam is for masters graduates while an 8 sided graduation tam tends to be worn by doctorate graduates. A 6 sided graduation tam is often worn by graduates from degrees that fall somewhere in between masters and doctorate level. While tam hats may not be widely available in local stores, they are easily sourced online with high quality velvet finishes.

If you want to turn your graduation hat into a forever cherished memento, you can add a tassel and charm, with the date that you graduated as a keepsake. Tassels and charms are optional extras when it comes to your graduation hat but can deliver the perfect finish and serve as a lasting keepsake and reminder of one of the proudest days of your life.

Looking your best on graduation day has never been easier or more affordable. Any stress you’ve had about finding a graduation hat or any element of your grad attire is unwarranted! With trusted online providers such as GraduationsNow offering a large variety of graduation attire and accessories, you can get what you need without leaving your home, using just a few clicks of your mouse, leaving you to focus on organising other important elements of your grad celebrations.